Banana Productions specialise in digital garment decoration. We offer Trade Services and provide a total solution to add value to your uniform and promotional products. The services we provide include Pre-Press and Design, Screen Printing, Digital Transfer Printing, Heat pressing and Embroidery services.


2006, we introduce digital printing on garment to the Australian market. After driving innovation and progress within the Digital Textile and Garment Decoration Industry. we know it’s all about innovation, increase quality and reliability. The product, community and the industry speaks for itself.

decoration – the unique digital transfer.

We brand your company logo and team logo, onto clothing and various products by digital garment transfer. We are able to match PMS colours to your specific corporate colours. We also have a specialty range to cater all your safety needs, such as Reflective material, neon yellow, neon pink, neon green, Foil gold, Foil Silver, Metallic Gold, metallic silver, and etc. This product works well on cotton, Lycra, nylon, polyester, silk, leather, denim, linen, canvas, mesh and etc

This unique digital transfer product gives your product lines an edge due to :

  • no minimum order
  • no set up fee when Vectored format artwork provided
  • no extra charge for full colour prints
  • 1440dpi HD high resolution and photo quality images
  • ultra thin finishing with extreme stretchability
  • ability to press over seams even on mesh fabrics and
  • 48 hours turn around time
  • low price guaranteed

stickers and shop signage.

Sticker is one of our all time favourite to decorate you products, shops and all promotional events. Fully die cut stickers able to cut into any shapes. applications are beyond your imagination.


  • Offical NBA basketball board
  • Offical Nike Acadamey team drinking bottles
  • City of Stonington Hard hats
  • Airline advertising for travel agents
  • Branded road work bollards
  • Melbourne airport sky buses advertising
  • Sports Cars and commercial vans branding


Care Instructions

We guaranty 100 washes with no fading and peeling with the following care instructions. No hot wash, no dryer, no dry clean, no bleach no direct iron on print area.

Heat Press Tips

Seams, buttons, collar, zips and pockets are most common problems causing imperfect contacts with the hot plate. Try to cut up a small rubber matt to create a perfectly flat pressing area for best possible result.

Artwork format

Vectored format Artwork allow you to produce best possible resolution. This format also allow us to have unlimited enlarge the print area without loosing the resolution and dpi. Most common vectored artwork have file extension like .pdf .eps and .ai. Please mark sure all fonts are create outlines and convert to curves. Other formats: We also able to print all other format like jpg, bitmap, tiff. However, the resolution purely based on how big is the file you provide. Furthermore, these formats will decrease print quality when you enlarge them.

Basic Cut Vs Complex cut

Basic cut is the terms we referring the die cut lines for your prints. This basic cut can be define as one single path only without fine lines like a circle or a square. This involve less labour cost to produce and a fast turn around time. For texts prints like a website “bananaproductions.com.au” we usually use a bubble cloud shape cutline to include every single text into one cutline to achieve this cost benefit. The bubble shape background can be fill in any colour to match with the garment or make contrast with the garment. Complex cut on the other hand involved more the one cutline. for example a texts print “bananaproductions.com.au” are individual letterings and each hole inside each letter are able to show the fabric of the garment. This will definitely makes the prints more appealing due to this extra process.

Payment Policy


Online order and payment system enable your orders are reliable and smooth as running water.

Payment Policy

Is any deposit required?

If you would like to see how your logo turns out before ordering, simply pay for the setup fee only for the sampling process.

If you would like to go ahead with the whole order, we need full payment before ordering all the items from the supplier. as all our work is custom and we do not keep stock.

Turn around time usually within 2-5 days depending on quantity. Larger orders need more time up to 2-4 weeks. If you wish to have the order ready by a particular date, please advise us before placing the order.


Fair Return Policy & Sustainability

Every product is custom-made, therefore any products returned to us cannot be resold. We usually donate the returned goods to charities so that we can give back to the community. If you do not wish to do so or the design involves Copyright or Trademark, please inform us and the items will be destroyed.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

What happens if you need to cancel the order?
Payment is the confirmation of ‘Go Ahead’, so we cannot cancel once the design and sampling process started. We do not have a change of mind policy.

What happens if you make a mistake with the order?
Please email us as soon as you find out, if we have not proceeded into printing, and pressing onto the garments, we would be able to put it on hold. Otherwise, we are open to options which are reasonable and positive to help you minimise your damage.

What happens if we make a mistake with the order? i.e. wrong t-shirt size, colour, etc.?
Please bring them back within 7 days and we will organise a replacement for you or refund you the problem ones. Refund will be made back to the original form of payment.

We are committed to your satisfaction and best possible shopping experience. However there are some circumstances that are beyond our control. We cannot be responsible for the following reasons, design errors, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, low-resolution artwork supplied by customers. We strongly recommend you to examine all your design details before forwarding them to us. Please provide us the Pantone colour code if you would like to match a particular colour. Otherwise, we will output your design file without any adjustment. Please do not rely on your computer monitors or screens, use Pantone colour codes if colours are important for your order.